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Monday, April 1, 2013

Do You Think I'm That Stupid?

No seriously,
don't tell me you like me;
then go and say the same thing to somebody else.
That's just stupid.

I mean, regardless of whether I wanna date you or not,
don't try and get me to while telling some other guy you wanna get with him.
I mean, Jesus! You didn't even wait for a relationship to start before you started cheating.

But, I guess I shouldn't rant,
so I'm just gonna go breathe, think about it,
get pissed again, calm down, and probably talk to him...

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Going Out/Changing Up

Or, getting ready to at least.
Heh...anyway, things have been better since two days ago.
Haven't talked to Mr.Man that "likes me."
And, I'm finally not sick any more either!

I think I wanna change my style up too.
I feel like I've just developed a look of the
"little emo boy in high school"
And, I don't wanna be that. I think I'm just gonna go hit up the mall and buy some new clothes.
...And you're helping V. :)

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Falling Out

It's called The Fall Out Boys,
Think...Emo meets Daily Young Guys.

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20,000 Hits

Finally, I feel I've accomplished something.

Anyway, I'm getting kinda tired of some people in my life at the moment.
All I'm gonna say is: Girls, you and your va jay jay's have too much drama.

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Friday, March 22, 2013

Mean Girls

Remember how Cady liked Aaron,
but she wasn't allowed to, so she just kinda "admired him from afar"?

Well, I know how she feels now.

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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

4 Minutes

So, have you heard Madonna's new song?
It's actually...not that bad.
I mean, I like it.

Anyway, V, I guess your feeling deprived,
what with dealing with cheddar and all:

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Only One More Day

Till Friday!
:D haha...
I can't wait. After all, I do live for the weekend.

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